Legal Updates

May 14, 2024

Title VI Guidance Prohibiting Discrimination Based On Shared Ancestry Or Ethnic Characteristics

May 8, 2024

Summary of the 2024 Amendments to Title IX As Related to Students With Disabilities

April 25, 2024

EEOC’s Final Rule On Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

March 15, 2024

U.S. Department of Education Issues New Guidance Related to Students With Disabilities

October 18, 2023

Legislative Action Items: 2023 and Beyond

June 20, 2023

RTO Reduction Plan Reminder

March 22, 2023

New U.S. Supreme Court Decision

February 24, 2023

Update on Compliance with Faith’s Law

February 17, 2023

Amendments to the Illinois Special Education Rules

December 29, 2022

A Reminder of Changes to Come: Part II

November 30, 2022

New Year Changes Part I

September 23, 2022

Anaphylactic and Administration of Medication Policies and Procedures

July 22, 2022

U.S. DOE Issues New Guidance on Discipline of Students with Disabilities and Processing OCR Complaints

April 6, 2022

Governor Pritzker Signs Bill Allowing COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave For Fully-Vaccinated School Personnel

February 18, 2022

Illinois Appellate Court Issues Ruling On Appeals Of TRO

February 15, 2022

JCAR Declines To Renew IDPH Emergency Rules

February 4, 2022

Judge Denies Motions For Class Certification in Allen and Austin Cases

January 21, 2022

RTO Update

October 4, 2021

New IEP Development and Implementation Guidance

September 20, 2021

Executive Order Mandates School Exclusion

September 8, 2021

ISBE Revises Its Guidance on PA102-0172 and PA102-0173

September 1, 2021

ISBE Interpretation of E.O. 2021-20

September 1, 2021

Required Actions to Comply with New Laws – Part 2

August 31, 2021

Complying with Executive Order 2021-20

August 24, 2021

New IDEA Child Find Guidance

August 17, 2021

Required Actions to Comply with New Laws

July 29, 2021

ISBE Releases HB2748 Guidance

July 28, 2021

HB2748 – Public Act 102-0173

July 13, 2021

Q&A on Updated ISBE, IDPH, and CDC Guidance

June 4, 2021

Key Take-Aways & Action Items From The Legislative Session

April 8, 2021

ISBE Revised Notification of Conference Form

March 17, 2021

IDPH Post-Vaccine Guidance for Schools

February 18, 2021

ISBE Memorandum on Qualified Interpreters

February 15, 2021

Additional COVID-19 Guidance for Schools

February 12, 2021

ISBE’s Revised Special Education Rules on the Use of Qualified Interpreters at IEP Meetings

February 8, 2021

IDPH Update: Employee Vaccines

January 18, 2021

OCR Publishes Q&A on Title IX Compliance for Educational Single-Sex Programs and Activities

January 7, 2021

New Year: New COVID-19 Guidance For Schools

December 18, 2020

EEOC Authorizes Employers to Require COVID-19 Vaccination

November 25, 2020

ISBE Issues Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations FAQ

October 29, 2020

School Training Checklist

October 15, 2020

Recent Additional Guidance Documents From ED, ISBE, IDPH, AND IDHS

October 13, 2020

Emergency Amendments to ISBE Rules

September 30, 2020

U.S. Department Of Education Issues Guidance On Complying With The IDEA And Other Civil Rights Laws During The COVID-19 Pandemic

August 21, 2020

Recap of Latest COVID-19 Guidance for Starting The 2020-2021 School Year

June 22, 2020

Final Regulations on the Use of Time Out, Isolated Time Out, and Physical Restraint and Corresponding ISBE Guidance

June 17, 2020

Illinois Legislative Amendments to the School Code and Updated Guidance on Summer 2020 School Activities Following the Latest COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation

June 12, 2020

Open Meetings Act Procedures as Illinois Reopens

May 15, 2020

Key Action Items for Schools to Comply with Updated Title IX Regulations

May 8, 2020

Virtual Anti-Harassment Training Now Available

April 28, 2020

Illinois Supreme Court Issues Decision Addressing Use of Paid Sick Leave For Childbirth

April 2, 2020

COVID-19 Update to Families First Coronavirus Response Act

March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Interim Update to Families First Coronavirus Response Act

March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update on Provision of Special Education And Related Services Through Alternative Means During School Closures

March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Families First Coronavirus Response Act

March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Staffing Update

March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Open Meetings Act Update

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 FAQ Updated

March 7, 2020


February 25, 2020

Update on ISBE Regulation on the Use of Time Out, Isolated Time Out, and Physical Restraint

November 22, 2019

ISBE Emergency Rules on Time-outs and Physical Restraints

September 3, 2019

New Illinois Employment-Related Laws Affecting Educational Employers; Department Of Labor Opinion Letter States Attendance at IEP Meetings is a FMLA Qualifying Event

September 3, 2019

New Illinois Laws Establish Additional Requirements for School Districts and Special Education Cooperatives

August 24, 2019

New Illinois Laws Establish Additional Requirements for School Districts and Special Education Cooperatives

August 15, 2019

Legislation Expands Provisions for Administration of Medical Cannabis

July 31, 2019

Amendment to Equal Pay Act Restricts Inquiries Regarding Salary History

July 9, 2019

ISBE Publishes Updated Recommended Practices for Occupational and Physical Therapy Services in Illinois Schools

August 1, 2018

New Law Allows Medical Cannabis in Illinois Schools

June 27, 2018

Fair Share Fees Ruled Unconstitutional

December 7, 2017

ED Issues Questions and Answers on Endrew F.

September 22, 2017

Important Change to Student Records Timeline

May 30, 2017

Seventh Circuit Upholds Injunction Request from Transgender Student

March 22, 2017

Supreme Court Clarifies “FAPE” Standard In Endrew F. Decision

February 22, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Decision In Service Dog/Exhaustion Case

February 22, 2017

Feds Rescind Guidance on Transgender Students