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COVID-19 FAQ Updated

By March 16, 2020January 1st, 2021No Comments

We have heard from a number of our school district and special education cooperative clients with questions regarding operational, staff and student issues presented by the novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”).  Given the unique nature of COVID-19, medical professionals, government and community officials, employers and employees, and the legal community are learning together how to apply best practices and existing legal principles in a manner that keeps our communities as safe as possible under the circumstances and does not create unnecessary legal complications.  Based on consultations with our clients thus far, and in an initial effort to share and expand the collective learning, we have compiled the following FAQ regarding current and anticipated issues.  For your convenience, we have organized the FAQ under the headings of general and operational, staff-related, and student-related issues.

There are multiple helpful resources available which you may have already encountered.  For your convenience, we have embedded links to some of those resources within and following the FAQ. Click here to read our updated legal update.